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The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

The Regiment was formed by Order of Her Majesty, The Queen, on St George’s Day, 23 April 1968, by the union of the four Regiments of The Fusilier Brigade: The Fifth Foot, The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, 1674 The Sixth Foot, The Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers, 1674 The Seventh Foot, The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment), 1685 The Twentieth Foot, The Lancashire Fusiliers, 1688.

Since the Regiment was founded upon the unity of these four former Regiments all officers and Fusiliers, as inheritors from their forebears in those Regiments, derive considerable strength, benefit and comfort from the good fortune of their inheritance, which must not be forgotten as the years pass.

There is today no Regimental, or other, distinction between the Battalions of the Regiment as each share an equal inheritance from the four former Regiments, and each draws the majority of Fusiliers from the four Regimental Areas of England, namely Northumberland, Warwickshire, London and Lancashire. Consequently, the Regiment derives its strength from the feats of our predecessors in the former Regiments and the achievements of those who serve the Regiment today.

Together the past and the present form the character of today’s Royal Regiment of Fusiliers which is 51 years old in 2019.

The Title of the Regiment

2.1. The title of the Regiment, approved in 1967 by HM The Queen, is ‘The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers’. The abbreviation of this is FUSILIERS.

The Short Title of the Regiment

2.2. The short title of the Regiment, by which its members will usually refer to it, and by which it will be known, is ‘The Fusiliers’.

The Battalion Titles

2.3. The Regular component of the Regiment is the 1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

This title is abbreviated to FIRST FUSILIERS. The Battalion inherits the traditions of the four antecedent Regiments and the 2nd 3rd and 4th Battalions of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.