Highlander Collapsible Folding Mug

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The Highlander collapsible folding mug is designed to be compact and rugged enough to cope with prolonged use outdoors.

Thanks to a clever design feature, the folding cup collapses in on itself, to make it easy to pack away and carry without taking up too much room in your kit bag.

Tough and lightweight, the mug has been constructed from food-grade plastic, with a built-in handle making it perfectly safe as a drinking vessel for hot and cold drinks.

The collapsible cup is an extremely useful addition to your kit when outdoors whether you are hiking, camping, hunting, fishing or on exercise.

  • Sturdy lightweight folding mug / cup
  • Made from food grade plastic
  • Features integral handle
  • Folds inside itself for easy stowage
  • Ideal for camping or in the field
  • Colour: Olive Green