Tasmanian Tiger TT Plate Carrier Low Profile

SKU: TT/7575/346

Extremely light panel carrier made of elastic materials and air-permeable mesh. The carrier is designed as an under-carrier. The elastic side sections include pouches for two magazines, radio or small items. No attachments on front. The size is designed for standard SK4 panels until 30 x 25 cm. Due to its design as an “under-carrier” and the associated choice of material, the plate carrier is not suitable for everyday infantry use.

Shoulder straps can be adjusted in length; Length-adjustable elastic side attachment; Ultra flat construction; Small pocket with Velcro closure on the front; Suitable for SK4 panels until size 30 x 25 cm; Velcro patch on front- and backside (loop);


Weight: 375 g
Size run: Unisex
Fabric: T-Stretch
Fabric: T-Square Rip